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Community Policing in Bolton

The Bolton Police Department has been practicing community policing for many many years. The nature of a small town requires officers to be approachable and friendly. Throughout the history of the Bolton Police Department, we have hired many town residents as dispatchers and police officers. Some have moved on, others still remain with us today. By drawing from our population, we insure that officers have a sense of belonging and pride for the town in which they work.

Community policing is hard to define in concrete terms. For some departments, it is establishing contacts within the community, and listening to their concerns. Bolton is a small town. We have the luxury and ability to spend the extra minute or two talking and getting to know the citizens we serve. Even prior to the advent of community policing grants, this was how we spent our shifts. The partnership already existed between the citizens and the police department and continues to flourish to this day.

We will continue to serve Bolton in this manner. The phone lines are always open, especially if you have a suggestion or comment. Please drop us a line, (978) 779-2276, or fill out our on-line comments form in the Contact Us section of the site. Want to see more traffic enforcement on your road? Tell us! Want to see the cruiser patrol your neighborhood more? Call us!

Sgt. Andrew Bagdonas, Community Policing Officer

The Bolton Police Department is proud to have been awarded a grant from the Executive Office of Public Safety to promote community policing. This fiscal year, the Bolton Police are sponsoring several programs aided by the funds of this grant.

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