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Frequently Asked Questions
Forms Library - Adobe Acrobat Documents To save you the hassle of locating the information and documentation you need at a police station or local library we've used the popular Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.PDF) to assemble some of the most requested standardized forms which you can download and print out right from this site. Operator's Accident Reports, Driver's License Applications and Firearms License Applications are included in the library.
Firearms Questions The Massachusetts Gun Control Act of 1998 took effect on October 21, 1998 siginificantly changing the requirements regarding the purchase, posession, carrying, storage and licensing of firearms. Have all your questions answered in this easy-to-read FAQ.
Motor Vehicle Questions Accident Reports, Seatbelt Regulations, Traffic Stops & Citations, Registrations & Inspections. Browse our databse of answers to come of your most common questions.
Emissions and Safety Inspection Legislation Use our interactive FAQ to answer some of your questions about the State's New Enhanced Emissions and Safety Test. What you need to know and what you need to do.
Massachusetts Sexual Offender Registry Notification UPDATE: On August 11, 1999, the SJC decided Doe v. Attorney General which holds that a sex offender is NOT required to register before s/he has the benefit of a hearing to determine whether s/he poses a present danger to vulnerable members of the public. Find out more here.
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